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Posted by Laura Della Torre, Google Play team

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that gives teams a shared perspective on projects. It’s built around the concept of a traditional office whiteboard. Simplicity and flexibility are core to the product, so the Trello team recently redesigned their Android app using the material design guidelines to double down on that effort.

According to Fyza Hashim, Designer at Trello, material design had an immediate impact on streamlining app-design and -development at the company. She added that, “Because the guidelines are so thorough and well thought out, you don’t have to go back and forth with developers.”

Sharing is a key component of Trello, so material design helped continue the same cohesive design and intuitive experience on both web and mobile. This makes sharing even easier. As a result, Trello has also seen double digit growth in user engagement with more and more sessions added per week.

Watch the video where we caught up with Michael Pryor, CEO; Hamid Palo, Mobile Lead; and Fyza at the Trello offices in New York to learn more.

Material design — learn more about material design and how it helps you create beautiful, engaging apps.

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